Infusing Performance Transparency into Employer 401(k) Plans

OnlyBoth is proud to infuse unprecedented performance transparency into the world of employer 401(k) plans, about 55,000 of them, in partnership with, by applying a unique AI-based technology for comparative analytics (e.g., benchmarking) to the latest, completed EBSA 5500 and Schedule H data. DCIIA is offering this service as a member benefit.

Visit this DCIIA page for an introductory video as well as a series of ten brief explainer videos that illustrate how you can discover answers to the following questions about 401(k) plans:

  1. Where does a plan stand out from related peer groups?
  2. How does a plan compare to a user-selected peer group?
  3. What’s best in class, i.e., the best achievement on a given measure by a similar plan?
  4. How does a plan score compare to all others in the same industry?
  5. How do up to 10 plans compare side-by-side?
  6. What are the overall top- or bottom-scoring plans?
  7. What are the ranked scores for a group of plans selected by industry or geography?
  8. What are the top benchmarking insights for a group of plans that I select?
  9. What are the top benchmarking insights that mention specific data attributes?
  10. What plans match the characteristics, measures, and/or geography that I select?

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